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Website Updates - Login and Read-Only Forms

We are progressing with our forthcoming apps for iPad and Android and hope to be releasing them later this year. We needed a better login mechanism to support users who will be logging in on the tablet apps.

So, we've just updated the website to give it a even better login mechanism and we've also moved forward one stage with the sunsetting of the old online forms.

Read on to find out what's changed.

Login and Registration Changes

We have changed to a login mechanism provided by Microsoft in their Azure Cloud and have moved all of your website accounts over into Microsoft Azure. Because of this you will need to reset your password before you log in again for the first time (and only need the first time!).

You can read about logging in and regsitering in our documentation here:

Resetting Your Password

You can reset your password by clicking here.

Why Reset Your Password?

The reason you need to reset your password is that, because our last login mechanism was secure and industry standard, we are unable to tell what your passwords are. Therefore, we couldn't move then over into Microsoft Azure!

Visual Changes To The Login

You still enter your email and password in the new login mechanism, but it looks a little different.

Until everyone has logged in once, we have this landing page to show that you need to reset your password for the first time you login. After clicking the link at the top of the website you'll see the following page. Existing users should click the Login button, as shown below.

Read-Only Online Forms

There are also changes to the online forms. When we moved to the 18th Edition, we started sunsetting the online forms by not taking them with us and leaving them as 17th Edition only.

We're now taking the next step forward and making the forms read-only. This means you cannot create or change any of your online forms from this point onwards.

All of your data is still there and you can still access and download the PDFs.