Pirform 2019.1.1251 - 18th Edition, Attaching Photos and BS 5839-1:2017

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new version of Pirform. Highlights of this release include the BS 7671:2018 electrical forms, BS »

BS 7671 18th Edition and BS 5389-1:2017 Pre-release Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of a pre-release version of the new electrical and fire alarm forms. This release contains the Electrical Installation Certificate, »

Pirform 2018.1.1200

This release brings the ability exclude boards from the PDF and introduces the ability customers to integrate Pirform with their own IT systems and use Pirform »

Pirform 2017.3.1185 - Fixes and internal changes

This release contains a few fixes and a number of internal changes. The internal changes are not visible and are there to enable work to continue »

Pirform 2017.2.1146 - Windows Tablet Mode and Emergency Lighting 2016

This release brings two big changes to Pirform: Windows 10 tablet mode and the new emergency lighting forms to BS 5266-1:2016. Along with these there »