Shine Forms 3.0.321

Shine Forms 3.0.321 was released on 26 October 2015. This release includes cosmetically improved reports with updated circuit charts for EIC and EICR and the ability to add watermarks from both the online forms and from Pirform Amendment 3. The online app has had some structural work done in preparation for new features as we move forwards with the online forms and to prepare for the forthcoming tablet apps.

Read more in our documentation here:


Change: remove vulnerable to test details from EIC and EICR.
Change: board remove test vulnerability details field.
Change: EIC schedule items now show PASS and N/A.
Change: added test instruments to MW.
Fix: corrected typos in lookups.
Fix: forms were very slow to save.


New: watermarks can be added to PDFs.
Change: added bottom margin under header logos.
Change: visual improvements to EIC and MW.
Change: added more detailed circuits and boards section.
Fix: non-optional schedule items excluded from PDF.
Fix: schedule items excluded in Pirform were appearing on PDF.
Fix: only one limitation printed for EICR.
Fix: circuit chart footer date format incorrect.
Fix: board phase sequence and supply polarity were not showing in test schedule.
Fix: MW signatures now showing.


New: fixed schedule items not uploading from Pirform for amendment 3 EIC and EICR.
New: fixed values not uploading from Pirform for amendment 3 MW.
New: new authentication framework in preparation for tablet app uploads.
New: now accepts 2015 forms from Pirform.
Change: new management app framework.
Change: adjusted the download filename mechanism to attempt to address spurious problem with bad names when downloading.
Fix: EICR was not uploading from Pirform Amendment 3 RC.
Fix: MW instruments not uploading.
Fix: upload from Pirform failed when CSA values were UNKNOWN.