Shine Forms 3.0.299

Shine Forms 3.0.299 was released on 19 September 2015. Work on Shine Forms still continues at a slower pace due to the work on adding the amendment 3 forms to Pirform.

Highlights of this release are improvements to the experience of editing observations and limitations, client address and description of the premises now on the EIC, the MW OPD fields have been fixed and preparation work for on Pirform amendment 3 forms.


Change: rule serialisation.
Change: added description of premises to EIC.
Change: improved layout of observations and limitations.
Change: added review engineer to EIC.
Change: faster saving for large, complex forms.
Change: max Zs rules no longer shown in the intelligence section.
Fix: both OPD BS and type number now present in MW.
Fix: rule actions were duplicated when deseriaising rules.
Fix: unable to save forms with missing rule references.
Fix: corrected text of EIC schedule item 10.1 (mA changed to 30 mA).


Change: added client address to EIC.
Fix: date of inspection at end of schedule items was clipped.
Fix: EIC and EICR installation/occupier address was always showing client address.


Change: the unit (years, months, days) for estimated age of alterations now uploaded from Pirform.
Fix: Next inspection was not uploading from Pirform.