Shine Forms 3.0.287

Shine Forms 3.0.287 was released on 30 August 2015. Work on Shine Forms continues at a slower pace due to the work on adding the amendment 3 forms to Pirform.

This release brings some fixes and improvements to the Electrical Installation Condition Report and the Electrical Installation Certificate PDFs and removes the duplicated forms that were being shown.


Change: corrected text in EIC guidance notes showing where the next inspection is on the report.
Change: removed 'years' from after free text age fields.
Change: reduced size of JavaScript files.
Fix: observations added by intelligence were not being numbered or marked as being from intelligence.
Fix: EIC and EICR company names were being set even if an issuer was not present for the engineer function (e.g. design, construction, review).
Fix: means of earthing was missing from EIC.


Change: EIC section titles emboldened.
Fix: intelligence observations were not showing numbers or printing text correctly.


Fix: duplicated forms were showing in forms list.