Shine Forms 3.0.279

Shine Forms 3.0.279 was released on 17 August 2015. This release brings the first draft of automatic max Zs values to the online forms and allows issuers to see company forms from their own logins. Some "under the hood" changes mean that forms will benefit from fixes immediately they are loaded and without having to refresh the form.


New: first draft of max Zs values.
Change: added client name to MW.
Change: EIC next inspection recommended now allows free text.
Fix: unable to demerge circuits after loading a form (workaround was save before demerge).
Fix: toggle merge not working after reloading a form.


Change: MW inspection company name now shown on PDF.
Change: made MW test button operation text less ambiguous.
Fix: EIC alteration is new was not being shown on PDF.
Fix: EIC company telephone numbers were showing branch number.
Fix: EIC next inspection recommended in was not shown on reports.


New: issuers can now see main company forms under their own account.
Change: data structure updates are now visible after the forms loads, without requiring a refresh.
Fix: EICR overall installation condition not displaying after upload from Pirform.
Fix: MW OPD values were not uploading from Pirform.
Fix: schedule items not correct for EICs uploaded from Pirform.