Shine Forms 3.0.246

Shine Forms 3.0.235 was released on 29 July 2015. This release fixes a performance issue that caused Electrical Installation Certificates to appear locked when saving. The test schedule has had the max Zs and disconnection times added, along with some cosmetic tweaks. Missing sections and incorrect text have been fixed in the Electrical Installation Condition Report and values that were not appearing in when Minor Works were uploaded from Pirform to Shine Forms have been fixed.


Change: added "leave blank if none" to risk assessment in MW.
Fix: changed Minor Works RCD oeprating current from decimal to integer.
Fix: corrected text and unit labels in Electrical Installation Certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report main switch.
Fix: slow saving causing browser to appear locked.


Change: minor cosmetic improvements to test schedule.
Change: added max disconnection time and max Zs to test schedule.
Change: added Electrical Installation Condition Report guidance for recipients.
Change: test results now aligned to centre.
Fix: signatures not appearing correctly on inspection schedule.
Fix: changed column heading from "RDC A" to "RCD operating current (mA)"
Fix: added missing text and made correction to Electrical Installation Condition Report section D.
Fix: added missing text and fixed check box not showing values in Electrical Installation Condition Report section K.
Fix: date format was incorrect at end of inspection schedule.


Fix: MW OPD values were not uploading correctly from Pirform.