Shine Forms 3.0.218

Shine Forms 3.0.218 was released on 19 July 2015. This release continues to fix outstanding issues in the Shine Forms Amendment 3 Beta and improves the printed schedule of inspections.


Change: Electrical Installation Condition Report age fields changed to free text.
Fix: Electrical Installation Certificate primary supply OPD type was not allowing input or showing values correctly.
Fix: changed to circuit insulation resistance from phase/earth to phase/neutral (upload again to fix).


Change: test schedule column headings now repeat when circuits print on multiple pages.
Fix: alignment improved in Section J.
Fix: additional page was printing on circuit charts with just company name.
Fix: removed large space at end of test schedule.
Fix: bottom border now printed when circuits print on multiple pages.
Fix: Electrical Installation Condition Report main switch rated time delay was showing voltage rating.
Fix: company details now updated from company settings.
Fix: Shine version now shown correctly.
Fix: Electrical Installation Certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report polarity check and test button operation not correct after upload from Pirform.
Fix: Minor Works company address was showing occupier address.
Fix: company, association and Shine Forms version were not showing.


Fix: Minor Works fault protection now showing after upload from Pirform (upload again to fix).
Fix: year was shown twice in form number.
Fix: Electrical Installation Condition Report Pirform uploads causing report generation failures.