Shine Forms 3.0.205

Shine Forms 3.0.205 was released on 15 July 2015. This release continues to fix outstanding issues with Shine Forms Amendment 3 Beta.

Minor Works Uploads

Prior to this release some Minor Works uploaded from Pirform will not have values values showing in the report. These values need either to entered again using Shine Forms online or the form needs to be uploaded again from Pirform.


Fix: uploads from Pirform with intelligence applied would not save changes when edited online.
Fix: BS(EN) was not saving correctly.
Fix: circuit lookups not saving correctly.
Fix: upload of cert with rules prevents making changes.


Fix: Minor Works values for RCD were not shown correctly.
Fix: fix for report colours now carried through to PDFs (fixed previously but not made live).


Change: added REST actions for new forms and issuers.
Fix: Minor Works circuit values not coming across from Pirform.
Fix: Minor Works uploads were failing.