Shine Forms 3.0.176

Shine Forms 3.0.176 was released on 06 July 2015. The changes are mainly fixes.


Fix: insulation resistance live-earth values were not coming through to reports.


Change: Electrical Installation Certificate guidance notes now appear at end of report.
Change: added vulnerable to test to circuit grid.
Change: updated spacing for Electrical Installation Condition Report limitations and observations.
Fix: issuer signatures not appearing on reports.
Fix: signature and date missing from inspection schedule.
Fix: Electrical Installation Condition Report section E general condition was not showing correct field.
Fix: circuit grid border breaking when values grow.
Fix: circuit numbers were not displaying after Pirform upload.
Fix: insulation resistance live-earth values were not showing after upload from Pirform.

Web App

Change: renamed "download" link to "pdf" against the form.
Fix: Minor Works were not loading for editing.
Fix: last updated time for forms was never changed.
Fix: changed form refresh and delete to use post.


New: versioning added for main report and circuit chart PDFs.
Change: uploads now marked to allow migration.
Fix: Electrical Installation Certificate uploads with signatures failed.
Fix: migration for observation codes after upload from Pirform.
Fix: observation codes not present after upload from Pirform.