Pirform Premium Edition Now Available

It's been a long time coming, but Pirform Premium is finally here. With the inclusion of our powerful Certificate Sharing feature, and Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Certification, the Premium Edition is the best value for money certification software available.

What's more, upgrade your first Lite licence to Premium, (or purchase your first Premium licence) and we will give you a second Premium licence absolutely free!

2 for 1 Premium Licence

We have had much demand from users who want to install Pirform on a second machine, perhaps to take to site, or for a colleague to use. Now we are introducing a fantastic deal for users who upgrade to Premium, or buy their first Premium licence, to be issued with a second licence, absolutely free!

This isn’t just a one time offer, it applies for the life of the licence. Renew next year, and we’ll renew the second one too.

This only applies to the first Premium licence, any subsequent licences will be charged at full price, and are for use on one PC only.


Upgrades are calculated on a pro-rata basis, so you only pay for what you use. To find out how much it will cost you to upgrade, log in to the store and click the BUY button. Here you will see how much it will cost you to upgrade, based on the length of time left on the licence you are upgrading.
For more information, contact us at sales@shineforms.co.uk

Fire alarm certificates

FirePremium now includes a full range of Fire Alarm Certification to BS 5839-1:2002. Individual certificates for all aspects of Fire alarm work, allows separate companies to be responsible for different sections such as Design, Install or Commissioning. A dwelling certificate is included for domestic premises and similar installations.

Emergency lighting certificates

EmergencyPremium also includes Emergency Lighting Certification to BS 5266-1:2011. The model forms from this standard allow the user to choose whether the installation is large or small, small being denoted as less than 25 emergency lighting luminaires.

Certificate sharing

Available for some time as an optional bolt-on, Premium also contains our powerful certificate sharing feature.sharing This allows the export of individual certificates and reports, and allows them to be imported on another machine.

This great feature saves time on the paper trail, ensures the most accurate information is passed from one person to another, and perhaps most importantly, speeds up the invoicing process. A certificate could be sent from a remote site, imported, edited reviewed, issued and invoiced within a matter of hours rather than days.

Create Minor Works from existing certificates

One of the cleverest new features in this version is the ability to create Minor Works Certificates from existing certification.

Choose the Create Minor Works button, and you can pick any board and circuit from an existing report or certificate to base a Minor Works from. A new Minor Works will be created with all the relevant information from the existing, including the client name, address, system types and all circuit details. Simply edit, test and print!

Create anything from anything

If you have carried out an EICR and let's say the consumer unit needs replacing. Simply choose create EIC and Pirform will generate a brand new EIC, based on all the relevant elements from the original. Simply edit, re-test and print!

This feature also works in reverse, meaning you can create an EICR from an EIC, or an EICR from a PIR 2008!

New look and feel

pir-form-iconWe've given the program a fresh "paint job" and updated the desktop icon. We've also made some improvements to the performance which should be noticable on all but the slowest of machines. We hope you like it!

Fixes and other changes

New: new splash screen and icon.
New: now uses Office 2010 styling in the ribbon with a File menu on each form.
New: board and statement counts now show in certificate form.
New: wait screens now shown when Pirform is working.

Change: observations can now be copied.
Change: performance improvements throughout.
Change: installation extent for EICR, VCR and PIR can now take long text.
Change: improved user messages in licence entry screen.
Change: improved database upgrade times from previous release.
Change: circuit fields that allow numeric values with text lookups are now all consistent and easier to use.
Change: VCR 2011 now uses amendment one style observations.
Change: estimated age of installation and alterations and next inspection period now allows entries in years, months or weeks.
Change: can now enter LIM in circuit measured Zs and RCD delta N fields.
Change: removed zero decimal place in lookups.
Change: increased width of certificate form when first opened.
Change: inspection schedule outcome now shows all rows.
Change: items adversely affecting safety set automatically when adding or removing observations.
Change: prevented import of later version export files.

Fix: report text overflow settings adjusted throughout.
Fix: prevented find overlapping limitations in VCR and EICR.
Fix: crash when deleting a number of limitations.
Fix: detects and fixes certificates with incomplete entries resulting from "type + tab" bug (PIR-808).
Fix: circuit lookup drop down stayed open after tabbing away.
Fix: create certificate options now enable correctly in "all certificates" view.
Fix: board observation grid now shows amendment one style lookups.
Fix: OPD BS 60947 - 2 types now show MCB and ACB.
Fix: schedule section 7 now shown in standard report.
Fix: details of errors at startup are now logged correctly.
Fix: some OPD BS lookups were not displaying or importing correctly.
Fix: updating company details could remove details of engineers who are not in database from certs.
Fix: number text controls our of grids now show drop down when typing begins.
Fix: removed incorrect backup location.