Pirform Release 2011.3.549

This is a maintenance release, Pirform 2011.3.549, improves on our previous Amendment One release, Pirform 2011.3.508. For details of all the previous Amendment One changes, please read our blog post here: http://goo.gl/u7kbf.

Create EIC from EICR or PIR

We’ve added a feature to let you create an EIC from either an EICR or a PIR. Just select the EICR or the PIR in the Home Screen then click Copy or Create From and select the Create EIC option, as shown below. Your new EIC will open up with the same details as the EICR or PIR.

Scrolling improvements

We’ve made it easier to scroll by making certificates scroll using the mouse wheel. This was requested by users to help with navigation on smaller screens.

Other changes and fixes

  • Installer now supports installation on XP x64 SP2.
  • Simplified new EIC dialog engineer options.
  • Test instrument categories default to selected for new instruments.
  • Now informs the user when updating certificate details is complete.
  • Removed unused complete report and send for review buttons.
  • The import file is now checked before importing.
  • Made clear that the option for separate circuit and test result pages applies only for 2008.
  • Removed the installer message about uninstalling the previous version during an update.
  • Removed 6A OPD rating from drop down lists.
  • Reduced size of main certificate database file.
  • Added inspection schedule engineer to EICR and VCR 2011 inspection schedule.
  • Changed position of EICR fuse rating field.
  • Added main fuse rating to EICR page 3.
  • Added confirmation of supply polarity to EICR page 3.
  • Changed DC text from pole to wire on EICR page 3.
  • Feature not available dialog now points to www.Pirform.co.uk/products.
  • Fixed multi-line and text overspill in printed certificates.
  • Adjusted Minor Works Zs intelligence adjusted.
  • EIC 2011 continuation page now includes comments.
  • Schedule item section headings no longer print values in the two right hand columns.
  • Improved database maintenance routines to be faster reduce database file size bloating.
  • Improved startup and certificate opening times by loading when preview page is first shown.
  • Duplicated entries after archiving and recycling certificates.
  • Improved DB Ipf behaviour when clicking new boards.
  • Orphaned engineers removed during DB maintenance.
  • Removed stray engineers that have no company.
  • Deleting a company now deletes associated engineers.
  • Operational limitations and reasons now spill over to continuation page properly.
  • EIC 2011 installation extent now spills over correctly onto continuation page.
  • EICR operational limitations and reasons added to continuation page.
  • Now loads schedule items added after the certificate was created.
  • Schedule manager now visible in EICR & VCR 2011.
  • Overall assessment field now available for VCR 2008 & 2011.