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Pirform Release 2011.2

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Pirform is now available from our download area.

The main new feature of this release is the ability to import and export your certificates and reports. Please note that certificate import and export is available as a paid addition to the Lite Edition licence. You can add this “bolt on” to your Lite Licence using our website store.

Certificate sharing

Pirform now lets you export one or more certificates to and from a file. Whilst very simple and flexible to use, this is a major feature and we will be posting some more articles about this feature later this week.

Ignore high Zs values

You can now control whether to disregard high Zs readings in TT installations. You can do this for the entire installation, for particular boards or even for particular circuits.

Of course, this must be used with caution and only when there is adequate protection by means of an RCD. Tripping times must meet the requirements of Regulation 411.

Other changes

New: you can now set the default backup location in Pirform Options.

New: added a setting to control background loading.

Change: agreed limitation lookup no longer user definable.

Change: help links available on forms.

Change: improved licence entry and activation feedback.

Change: better use of available screen height throughout.

Fix: crash when activating licence using internet.

Fix: crash when previewing a blank report.

Fix: long lines in limitations & installation extent causing text to be hidden.

Fix: options dialog was showing scroll bars.

Fix: default phase was not saved.

Fix: instruments not properly initialising in new cert and cert options dialogs.

Fix: engineer selections in new cert dialog now show correctly on certificate.

Fix: error when recalculating max Zs.

Fix: machine code not showing in licence details.

Fix: bad refreshing of main form certificate views.

Fix: was not loading association logo.

Fix: bad handling of items moving between archive, recycle bin and main views.

Fix: engineers now deleted when company deleted.

Fix: crash when moving circuit when board phase has not been set.