Amendment 3 coming to Pirform

I know we said we wouldn't, but work is under way to add the amendment 3 forms to Pirform!

We've made great progress with the new online and offline forms, but we're behind on where we wanted to be. We've also had a lot of feedback that you would like to be able to carry on using Pirform. So, we began working on that a while ago and will have that ready for preview soon.

Creating the PDFs

The first releases of the amendment 3 version of Pirform will let you do everything that you expect with the 2015 forms, apart from creating a PDF. You will be able to upload the certificate to Shine Forms and the PDFs will available for download from your account online.

If you haven't got access to the internet from where you're working, you can export the certificate to a PEX file and email it back to the office and it can be uploaded to Shine Forms from there.