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Pirform 2024.1

Our new release, Pirform 2024.1, is now available. This update introduces new features and addresses several issues. Here are the highlights:

  • "Other" wiring types are reported on the PDF.
  • Improved handling of max Zs values.
  • Upload an EICR 2022 to your Shine Forms account.
  • Usability improvements.
  • An updated Support Tool.

Update 31st May, 2024: A maintenance update for 2024.1, was released. Details here.

Visit our downloads page on the Shine Forms website to get the most recent version of Pirform:

Reporting on "other" wiring types

Previously, Pirform didn’t display wiring types outside the A-H range on the PDF. Now, you can enter additional wiring types using the Drop-down List Manager, and these will appear in the “Other” wiring type section against the board in the PDF.

Here is an example showing two wiring types that have been added to the drop-down list manager:

These appear in the "Other" section in the PDF like this:

Learn more our documentation here

Improved handling of max Zs values

We’ve introduced the new Reset Max Zs button in the ribbon. This feature allows you to control whether manually entered max Zs values are reset during recalculation. You can choose to reset values for either the current board or all boards.

Explore this feature in our online documentation. here.

Uploading to your Shine Forms account

Pirform now enables you to upload an EICR 2022 directly to your Shine Forms account.

Experimental feature

This is an experimental feature and is subject to change.

We are about to release the second beta of our Shine Forms Tablet App, updating them to A2:2022. As part of this, this version of Pirform allows uploading of an EICR 2022 from Pirform directly to your Shine Forms account. This is not yet avaiable for other form types, but that will come in future releases.

Once you have uploaded your EICR, you view them in the forms section of your shine Forms account and download the PDFs from there:

We are making this experimental feature available to help us develop functionality behind the new tablet app that will allow you to share work between Pirform and the Shine Forms Tablet App. We would appreciate any feedback you have on this feature and the tablet app in general - drop an email to our help desk at

For more information about the Shine Forms Tablet App beta, please see our documentation here:

Updates to Pirform Support Tool


You only need to use the Pirform Support Tool when directed to by our help desk:

Our help desk tool, the Pirform Support Tool, has had a significant update. This application is designed to assist us in diagnosing and resolving issues related to Pirform. The latest version boasts a fresh visual design and enhanced functionality, aligning with the requirements of modern Pirform versions.

Take a look at the revamped Pirform Support Tool:

Usability improvements

Enhancements have been made to the automatic form repair process. This feature automatically detects and repairs problems in forms. The repair now fixes a number of issues that could prevent Pirform from opening the form, along with fixes for incorrect supply text showing against boards and circuits. These enhancements reduce the chances that you'll need to use the updated Pirform Support Tool mentioned above!

When applying an outdated license from a file, Pirform now checks if a more recent version of that license exists. This improvement simplifies the process when an older license file has been selected from your email. Additionally, Pirform now detects changes to the license’s expiry date upon startup.

Other changes and fixes

The following changes and fixes have been made in this release:

New: pre-release builds now export forms that can be imported into the latest released version. Previously, this was not possible.

New: updated to the latest version of Microsoft .NET, version 8.

Change: the widths of observation columns have been adjusted to make the observation list easier to read and work with.

Change: can now add RCD BS (EN) values for various types of RCD into the Drop-down List Manager.

Change: adjusted intelligence statements relating to Table 3A of Appendix 3 (which was deleted from BS 7671 in Amendment 2) to now reference Regulation 643.7 and/or 643.8.

Change: this version no longer upgrades the database to the new format (just contact our help desk if you need assistance:

Change: removed an old setting relating to showing long values in OPD selections.

Change: the folder dialogs now use the standard Windows versions again.

Change: we have made improvements to import speed.

Change: removed spurious page breaks in the PDF for some EIC and EICR sections.

Change: now confirms schedule overwrite when importing from a file.

Fix: options dialog now creates missing save and backup folders.

Fix: supply controls were not initialising with the supply circuit selected.

Fix: circuit chart PDF was showing circuit RCD operating time instead of the board's value.

Fix: supply control was too small in the Board Manager.

Fix: further investigation does not show for any observations that are coded.

Fix: schedule observations and limitations were not showing inline in the inspection schedule.

Fix: spelling mistake, "Extent and Limitiations...", in EIC and EICR PDF was fixed.

Fix: dialog was showing behind splash screen when reindexing the database.

Fix: archived and deleted items are again excluded from recent items in the start page.

Fix: additional sources of supply was not showing correctly in the PDF when there were more than 1 supply.

Fix: fixed high memory usage when importing large numbers of forms in a single export file.

Fix: values pasted directly into circuit and test results were not showing in the PDF.

Fix: "X" in schedule section 1 of the EICR was not appearing correctly in associated observations in the PDF.

Fix: was not detecting saves in board manager followed by directly closing the form.

Fix: MW 2022 circuit and board values do not appear on the PDF if the MW was created from a board marked as excluded.

Fix: A2:2022 boards and circuits report was in the old format.

Note: the term "form" means any document that Pirform or Shine Forms produces, such as a "certificate" or a "report".

Update 31 May 2024

A small maintainence update has been released as version 2024.1.1662. The changes and fixes are:

Change: support export now exports the raw data file.

Change: improved DPI awareness for high DPI displays.

Fix: EIC schedule values were not visible after being set.

Fix: max Zs value for 61009/61008 at 500A in TT systems changed to 100 (was 10).

Fix: licence message was showing on appendix attachments.

Fix: fixed falilure opening some 2015 forms.

Fix: now ensures schedule item sections have a heading.

Fix: options dialog was always restarting due to licence updates.

Fix: fixed incorrect serialisation for board designations.

Fix: primary supply characteristics selector was not visible.