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Pirform 2019.3.1330 - Attach Documents to Certificates

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Pirform. As well as fixes and enhancements, this release contains some major new features:

  • Attaching documents and photos to certificates as appendices.
  • BS 5266 Emergency lighting inspection certificate.

You can download the new version from our website here:

Attaching Documents and Photos to Certificates

All of the latest electrical, fire alarm and emergency lighting certificates allow you to create appendices and attach documents, photos and text to those appendices.

As well as photos, you can attach Word documents and any PDF file, such as a certificate that you have issued previously.

Once attached to the appendix these become part of the certificate and appear on the PDF and printed version.

Read more in our documentation.

BS 5266 Emergency Lighting Inspection Certificate

You can now create emergency lighting inspection certificates using Pirform.

You can find these with the other emergency lighting certificates and you can work with them just the same as you do with all your other certificates.

Remembering the last location

Pirform now remembers the last location that you opened when you do things such as import a document to an appendix, attach a photo to an observation or import a certificate from an export file. The next time you do that, Pirform will start off at that location. The following locations are remembered separately:

  • Importing a PEX file.
  • Loading a photo to an observation or appendix.
  • Loading a document to an appendix.

This is a small and simple usability enhancement that we hope will make your life a little easier!

Inspection status in the Home Screen

The status of inspections is now visible from the Home Screen for both electrical and emergency lighting inspections.

Free text for supplies

It was always possible to enter a supply and easily exclude it from the issued certificate. You can now also just enter the name of the supply as free text.

Excluding schedule items that are not applicable

You can now choose to not show schedule items that are marked as not applicable on the PDF or printed certificate. A notice is shown to indicate that only applicable items are shown and the numbering of the items is the same as if they were all present on the printed certificate.

This option is available in the certificate's options

Wiring and reference type drop downs

The wiring type and reference type drop downs now show the code as well as the long value.

Intelligence updates

We have made the following updates to the intelligence for new 2018 electrical certificates, as follows:

  • Added new intelligence to detect high installation earth electrode values, as per regulation 542.2.4.
  • Removed additional Zs rules for TT systems that are covered by existing intelligence, as per the requirements in Section 41. (Rules 530-535)
  • Updated the ring detection in cable selection intelligence.
  • TT systems with RCD current 30 in checks for OPD BS of 61008 as well as 61009, as per Table 41.5. (Rule 531)
  • Updated intelligence for OPD selection for 1.5mm cable with respect to table 41DA . (Rule 336)

Adjusted layout of the EIC

The layout of the EIC has been adjusted by adding tabbed sections to the details of the installation, for design and particulars of signatories sections. This makes the the form more compact and reduce scrolling. (Plus, you can now also enter the occupier's name which was previously missing!)

Support improvements

This release incorporates some improvements relating to how the software is supported. These include simplifications to the process of restoring backups when moving machine, including the last archived log file when the program sends logs and improvements to the data repair facility to cover situations where the database has been damaged.

Other changes and fixes

New: schedule items can be copied when creating a certificate from an existing one.

Change: certificate repair now repairs missing wiring type, reference method and OPD values in circuits.

Change: photo location now defaults to the observation location unless set by the user.

Change: fixed incorrect year 2018 showing in the in 2015 EIC.

Change: improved the experience of using the supply selection tool.

Change: swapped max permitted Zs and RCD current fields in the EIC and EICR PDFs to match the order in the main form.

Change: Added method of measurement to particulars of installation in EIC PDF.

Change: EIC and EICR earthing arrangement fields now appear in PDF in the same order as in the main form.

Change: Added maximum demand to nature of supply parameters in EIC PDF.

Change: Added number of supplies to nature of supply parameters in EIC and EICR PDF.

Change: adjusted export to spreadsheet icons.

Fix: max zs values were not showing the second decimal place in the PDF.

Fix: Ctrl + 5 was not going to boards and circuits.

Fix: main switch RCD time delay in the EIC was not showing on the PDF.

Fix: circuit copy/paste for wiring type, reference method and OPD BS was not setting the values.

Fix: the user comment against a schedule item's observation or limitation was lost when adjusting the coding.

Fix: observation photo values were lost when setting the location of an observation photo by pasting from right-click and then going to print preview.

Fix: confirmation of supply polarity and phase sequence confirmed was showing numbers not text against boards in the PDF.

Fix: result of inspection in lighting PDF was showing numbers instead of text.

Fix: better alignment for circuit number field.

Fix: typo in "appropriate" in EL certificates.

Fix: typo in schedule item C.4.