Pirform 2015 PDFs: Release Candidate 3

A third release candidate of Pirform with 2015 PDFs is now available from our website (2106.1.1008).

This release builds on the last release and adds a number improvements from user feedback.

As ever, before installing make sure to read what's new and different in our last posts:


The latest release candidate can be downloaded from here:


Fix: added main switch location to EIC.
Fix: corrected typos in reports.
Fix: removed old 1 phase 3 wire from EIC.
Fix: added fuse rating setting to EIC.
Fix: report colours were not respected in local PDFs.
Fix: errors when creating 2015 EIC from 2011 EICR.
Fix: schedule items now visible in PDF.

Update 29th November 2016

An updated version (2016.1.1010) is now available that contains the following fix:

Fix: schedule items that were meant to be excluded were showing in the PDF.