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Pirform 2021.2.1456 - Small Maintenance Release

All this year we have focused efforts almost exclusively on the forthcoming tablet apps. This release is a collection of the few fixes and adjustments that we have managed to squeeze in while the tablet preparations goes on.

Download the latest installer from our website here:

Also follow us for updates on Twitter: @shineforms

Improved documentation

We've improved our online documentation by adding sections to make it easier to find your way around. The search feature has been improved and we've added a section about the soon to be released Shine Forms Tablet App beta. You can read find our online documentation here:

Recording looped supplies

A very small new feature is the addition of the ability to record if a supply is looped on EIC or EICR. This information could be required for DNO applications for connection of renewable technologies such as EV or ASHP.

Automatic OneDrive detection

Pirform has always been able to use online storage solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive or similar to store your certificates online.

Whilst fixing a problem with the automatic detection of Dropbox, we've also added automatic detection of your OneDrive folder.

You can read more in our online documentation here:

Other changes and fixes

These are the other changes and fixes that are included in this release.

Change: the Board Manager sometimes didn't display supplies correctly. This can now be fixed by repairing the certificate and certificates are automatically repaired when importing from a PEX file.

Change: the tagline in footer of PDFsnow reads "Prepared using Shine Forms:".

Change: adjusted date column width in ELI grids to prevent wrapping.

Change: adjusted circuit details column headings in the PDFs.

Change: improved PDF appendix and photos by adding "continued" to headings.

Fix: Pirform was not correctly setting the backup and auto update folders when choosing "Use Dropbox".

Fix: licence checks were not being performed when starting up.

Fix: licence no longer detects the current licence as an "update".

Fix: date fields were showing times in the ELI.

Fix: MW PDFs were showing times in the date fields.

Fix: schedule item intelligence was not carried into the export files.

Fix: some events were not being recorded in the logs.

Fix: missing word in EICR PDF "when they are to it" changed to "when they are attached to it".

Fix: bad appendix printing with larger photos.

Fix: PDF appendix layout was not using all the available space in MW 2018.

Fix: EICR PDF showed "I" in the key for wiring types instead of "O".