Pirform 2020.5.1436 - Maintenance Release

This is a small maintenance release to address some issues since the previous release. There are also a few small improvements, as below.

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Board date feature

When you are working on a rolling program of inspections for an installation, you will have created a new certificate by copying the previous certificate. Some boards will change to a new inspection date and some boards will stay on their previous inspection date.

To help in these scenarios we have added a board date that will be used for the inspection date when you add a new board.

When you change the inspection date, Pirform used to automatically update the inspection date for any boards whose date matches the old date. If you're working on a certificate for a rolling program of inspections then you won't want to update your boards automatically. So, we've now made the updating optional.

Log file improvements

To make is easier to send the log file to our Help Desk, we've added a quick link from the status bar menu. Simples!

Emergency lighting inspection changes

You can now select blanks in the emergency lighting inspection certificate, and also type values not in the drop-down.

Other changes and fixes

Change: licence files are not applied if they are expired, past activation or activated on another machine.
Change: coding values are now shown in preference to FI in the PDFs.
Change: moved the agreed with field to the top of the agreed limitations list in the EICR PDF.
Change: wiring types can now be set by the user.
Change: added connection check to main protective conductors section for EIC and EICR.
Change: Added 1 phase 3 wire to EIC and EICR.
Change: adjusted soft keyboard to improve entry of circuit details.

Fix: drop-down values could not be removed by the user.
Fix: drop-down values were not respecting user values removed using older versions.
Fix: fixed typo in observation intelligence "to ascertaining" -> "to ascertain".
Fix: sending the log file to support failed when there were multiple logs present.
Fix: lookups were duplicated when user defined values were added.
Fix: spaces were not being entered when the soft keyboard was visible.
Fix: crash after cancelling closing a certificate with pending changes.