Pirform 2020.1.1377 - BS 7671 Amendment 1

This is a small maintenance release that updates the electrical forms to BS 7671:2018 Amendment 1. The highlights of this release are:

  • EIC, EICR and MW forms are now amended to 2020.
  • The program now again detects when an updated release is available.

You can download the new version from our website here:


Our documentation has more details of how to install Pirform here and how to get started working with Pirform here.

Changes and fixes

Change: can now attach appendices to the domestic fire 2019.
Change: circuit grid was recognising values entered from the soft keyboard in tablet mode.
Change: max permitted disconnection time lookup values can now be set by the user.
Change: added check for new versions to the app menu and the quick link menu.
Change: repair facility updated to detect and re-apply intelligence that hasn't been fully applied.

Fix: dates were clipping in the fire reports.
Fix: references to BS5839:2103 changed to BS5839:2109 in domestic fire alarm 2019 cert.
Fix: was not detecting when new versions were available.
Fix: engineer selection removed from fire acceptance certification section and spaces for external name and position added.
Fix: engineer selection removed from fire acceptance lets the acceptee sign and date the printed certificate.
Fix: updating company details or address from certificate details would change the main company address.