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Pirform 2020.1.1356 - Updates For BS 5266

Announcing improved BS 5266 PDFs, attaching documents and photos to issued BS 5266 certificates and more! The highlights of this release are:

  • Attach documents and photos as appendices to our BS 5839 fire alarm certificates.
  • Fire alarm PDFs have been updated.
  • Fire alarm dwelling certificate updated to BS 5839-6: 2019.
  • New observations and board reports for Electrical Installation Certificates Electrical Installation Condition Reports.
  • BS 5266 emergency lighting inspection improvements
  • Improved control when using your keyboard.

You can download the new version from our website here:

Our documentation has more details of how to install Pirform here and how to get started working with Pirform here.

More details, as below.

Attaching Documents and Photos to BS 5266 Certificates

You can now attach documents and photos as appendices fire alarm certificates. These will then become embedded into the PDF that is issued. Read more in our documentation here.

Updated BS 5839 Fire Alarm PDFs

The BS 5839 fire alarm PDFs have been updated to make then visually similar to the electrical and emergency lighting PDFs.

New BS 5839-6: 2019 Fire Alarm Dwelling Certificate

We have added a new fire alarm dwelling certificate to BS 5839-6: 2019.

BS 5266 Emergency Lighting Inspection Improvements

We've made a various improvements to the BS 5266 emergency lighting inspection report:

  • Titles changed in the PDF:

  • “Declaration Of Conformity” is now “Declaration Of Conformity For The Inspection & Test”

  • “Organisation Responsible For The Completion” is now “Organisation Responsible For The Inspection & Test”

  • The column titles were missing the word "needed".

  • You can now select engineer names from a list (or just type the name in directly).
  • The on behalf of field is set automatically when no value is entered.
  • Added drop down selection to the test record
  • Action types changed from addition/modification/comment to safeguarding/rectification.
  • Fixed fault actions were not being saved to the report.
  • Fixed date formatting in the PDF.
  • Fixed unable to select the test type.

New Electrical Observation and Board Reports

We have added two new electrical reports to enable printing the observations or the boards and circuits from Electrical Installation Certificates and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (2015 and above). Read more in our documentation here.

Improved Keyboard Handling

We have improved the keyboard handling as follows:

  • Schedule item values can be set using shortcut keys.
  • Schedule items can be navigated using the up and down arrow keys.
  • N/A, N/V and N-C can be set using shortcut keys

Details are in our documentation here and here.

Other changes and fixes

Change: certificate repair now fixes orphaned intelligence limitations.

Change: adjusted formatting of report numbers in the PDF headers.

Change: certificate form status messages now show for 5 seconds.

Changes: Intelligence updates to make compatible with forthcoming tablet apps. These changes are not visible and affect rules 360, 485, 357, 482, 530, 561, 532 533 534 535, 468 & 528.

Change: changed the word "photo" in observation list PDF to "figure" to make consistent with the appendix text.

Fix: error when dragging outside of an image when cropping in the image editor.

Fix: changing appendix information was not marking the certificate as changed.

Fix: error when adding word document to an appendix.

Fix: reinstated missing status bar items from certificate form.

Fix: was not able to change schedule items from blank to FI.

Fix: check box was not visible next to description of premises / other in EIC.

Fix: detailed MW only allowed the supply to be set to origin.

Fix: supply free text was not appearing in PDFs.

Fix: typo in import wizard (Pirform incorrectly spelled as "Pirfrom").

Fix: Maximum demand field was missng from EICR 2018.

Fix: removed headers from emergency lighting inspection fault record.

Fix: improved need for repair and safeguarding text in emergency lighting inspection PDF.

Fix: improved some control placements when resizing forms.