Pirform 2017.3.1185 - Fixes and internal changes

This release contains a few fixes and a number of internal changes. The internal changes are not visible and are there to enable work to continue on features that will be released later in the year.

Fix: Emergency lighting report titles now have "Installation" at the end.
Fix: Primary supply short circuit capacity now shown in EIC and EICR PDFs.
Fix: Column header out of alignment in circuits header on EIC and EICR PDFs.
Fix: Circuit test results now select values when entered via tab key.
Fix: Emergency lighting large design engineer can now be individually specified.
Fix: Emergency lighting large deviations now show in PDF.
Fix: Print preview was not scrolling smoothly and was missing scroll bars.
Fix: Blank page was printed in fire alarm H7 when overflow page was shown.
Fix: Fix for "mapper not found" errors.