Pirform 2017.1.1089 - Better Circuit and Board Handling

A new version of Pirform was released on 12th November, 2016. Changes in this version include new features to allow copying of circuits to other boards and enhancements to the board manager to make it easier to adjust the board engineers. The fire alarm and minor works certificates have been adjusted, along with R1+R2 and R2 fields being brought back into the minor works. Medical facility disconnection times have been added along with enhancements to automatically repair faults found in certificates that would previously have caused the program to show an error. The program also now has a new splash screen.

New: new splash screen.

New: can now copy circuits to other boards (see here for details).

New: board manager now allows clearing of engineers and copying current engineer to blanks.

New: automatic certificate repair when copying or creating a new cert.

Change: removed H8 fire alarm dwelling cert (still available with experimental features setting).

Change: added zone plan and EIC present to FA acceptance certificate.

Change: added R1+R2 and R2 fields to MW.

Change: adjusted layout of printed MW report.

Change: moved max permissible Zs into the protective device section in the MW.

Change: now continues silently when finding an orphan board or circuit when composing a new certificate.

Change: Changed name of setting in certificate details to match main Pirform options ("sync values with supply circuits").

Change: added medical facility disconnection times.

Change: removed unused setting to suppress intelligence.

Change: changes to intelligence now shown whilst intelligence manager is open.

Change: report continuation pages can now grow to greater than one page.

Fix: fixed incorrect references to section 2 in fire alarm H2 and H3 PDFs.

Fix: removed MW earth fault loop field.

Fix: fire alarm continuation sheets now print correctly.

Fix: removed the second '&' characters in H6 title

Fix: FA inspection report text not overflowing correctly.

Fix: Typo in MW ("premittted").

Fix: fixed error when creating certs from other certs caused by pre-existing defective data in certificate (PIR-21).

Fix: added locking to prevent conflicts when creating images during auto save.

Fix: EIC risk assessment was not shown on PDF.

Fix: potential fix for index error when upgrading certificate and reapplying intelligence.

Fix: removed incorrectly placed word "design" from EIC 2015.

Fix: removed additional logos next to addresses in fire alarm PDFs.

Fix: fixed crash caused by having more than one internal company.

Fix: corrected text in 2013 fire alarm certificates that referred to 2002.

Fix: board signature in reports was taken from main certificate.

Fix: was not detecting Dropbox folder for Dropbox version 2.8 or above.