Pirform 2016.2.1057 - Maintenance Release

A new version of Pirform for BS 7671 Amendment 3 was released on 03rd July 2016. This is a maintenance release and contains a number of fixes, and also brings Zs fields into the Minor Works 2015. Shine Forms has also been updated to 3.0.355 to add the Minor Works reports corresponding to the changes to Pirform.

Change: permissible and measured Zs now shown in MW 2015 report.
Change: U0 value now available in EIC 2015 and EICR 2015.
Change: maximum demand value now available in EIC 2015.
Change: improved layout of EICR conductors and main switch controls.
Change: links are now opened in the default browser.

Fix: circuit values were not shown in MW 2015 circuit charts.
Fix: changed use of "design" in EIC 2015 construction details section.
Fix: rated and measured RCD time fields were reversed in EIC and EICR reports.
Fix: added RCD measured operating time to EICR.
Fix: additional supplies was same as number of supplies, is now one less.
Fix: EIC earth electrode value was not showing on PDF.
Fix: after creating one cert and setting schedule item values the schedule item values were shown in a new cert.
Fix: EIC 2011 was not creating observations for schedule items.
Fix: now removes observations from schedule items