Introducing Assisted Restore

As we reported last week, some users are reporting that Pirform isn't starting after the latest Windows 10 update has been applied.

If you revert the Windows 10 update then Pirform will start again without any problem. But, if you had a problem with the update then you're going to have that problem again when you run the update the next time.

It's pretty easy to get you up and running again - you'd send us your log files, we'd look through them, find the latest backup that you'd taken and then send you back instructions for how to reset Pirform and restore from that backup file.

But, we've decided to make that process even easier by adding the new Assisted Restore feature to the Pirform Support Tool!

As you'd expect, the new Assisted Restore feature really easy to use. Just download and run the Pirform Support Tool installer from here. Then click the button Restore Latest Backup from the Assisted Restore section:


The Assisted Restore feature will analyse your system and restore automatically from the latest backup you took. If you took a backup before the Windows 10 update, then you only need to read the report and click Restore Last Backup:


After the restore has finished, the Assisted Restore even opens up Pirform for you!


Sometimes, you might have made changes some certs and not allowed Pirform to take an automatic backup when you closed it down. If this is the case, the Assisted Restore feature will look for export files for those changed certs so that you can import them after the restore to get the latest changes back into Pirform. Those files are copied to a folder on your desktop and the Assisted Restore feature opens up that folder, opens the documentation for importing and opens Pirform for you. Ta dah!


Read all about the Assisted Restore feature in our documentation here: