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Pirform release

Pirform 2018.1.1200

This release brings the ability exclude boards from the PDF and introduces the ability customers to integrate Pirform with their own IT systems and use Pirform as part of their automated engineer workflows.

Pirform 2017.2.1146 - Windows Tablet Mode and Emergency Lighting 2016

This release brings two big changes to Pirform: Windows 10 tablet mode and the new emergency lighting forms to BS 5266-1:2016. Along with these there are a other exciting new features such as adding your own OPD devices and RDC currents, changing the company address for individual circuits, printing observations in order of severity, improvements to the circuit reordering and the ability to turn off drag and drop. All this along with some fixes.

Pirform 2017.1.1089 - Better Circuit and Board Handling

A new version of Pirform was released on 12th November, 2016. Changes in this version include new features to allow copying of circuits to other boards and enhancements to the board manager to make it easier to adjust the board engineers. The fire alarm and minor works certificates have been adjusted, along with R1+R2 and R2 fields being brought back into the minor works. Medical facility disconnection times have been added along with enhancements to automatically repair faults found in certificates that would previously have caused the program to show an error. The program also now has a new splash screen.