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17th Edition Amendment 3 Beta

Shine Forms 3.0.321

Shine Forms 3.0.321 was released on 26 October 2015. This release includes cosmetically improved reports with updated circuit charts for EIC and EICR and the ability to add watermarks from both the online forms and from Pirform Amendment 3. The online app has had some structural work done in preparation for new features as we move forwards with the online forms and to prepare for the forthcoming tablet apps.

Shine Forms 3.0.279

Shine Forms 3.0.279 was released on 17 August 2015. This release brings the first draft of automatic max Zs values to the online forms and allows issuers to see company forms from their own logins. Some "under the hood" changes mean that forms will benefit from fixes immediately they are loaded and without having to refresh the form.

Shine Forms 3.0.246

Shine Forms 3.0.235 was released on 29 July 2015. This release fixes a performance issue that caused Electrical Installation Certificates to appear locked when saving. The test schedule has had the max Zs and disconnection times added, along with some cosmetic tweaks. Missing sections and incorrect text have been fixed in the Electrical Installation Condition Report and values that were not appearing in when Minor Works were uploaded from Pirform to Shine Forms have been fixed.

Shine Forms 3.0.235

Shine Forms 3.0.235 was released on 29 July 2015. This release enables circuit numbers to be changed and the additional schedule items to be removed from the Electrical Installation Condition Report. The Electrical Installation Certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report board area have been improved and now have appropriate lookups in place. Minor Works forms no longer lose their numbers when uploading from Pirform.