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The Future of Pirform

Pirform is not going away and it will continue to be developed and supported. The program is still produced, owned and operated by the same company, Atlantic Business Solutions Ltd. We now sell and support directly from our own website here:

Pirform Release 2014.1

We are please to announce a new version of Pirform is now available.

Update: changes since version 2014.1.919

  • New: added export of certificate list to CSV.
  • Change: improved vertical sizing of emergency lighting forms.
  • Change: printed certificates now show "amended to 2013" instead of "amended to 2011".
  • Fix: minor works now shows occupier address in form, preventing the printed version from being changed.
  • Fix: pressing enter to select in new cert dialog opened the cert selected in the home screen as well as the new cert.
  • Fix: changes to user defined lookups were not being saved.
  • Fix: after suppressing intelligence that removed an observation, the observation numbering was incorrect.
  • Fix: three phase circuit numbers now correct in VCR.
  • Fix: correct file filter now shown when exporting to Excel.