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High Zs values in TT installations

Pirform now has a new feature that allows you to disregard high Zs readings for TT installations. This feature must only be used if the requirements of Regulation 411 in relation to disconnection by means of an RCD has been met.

Pirform Release 2011.2

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Pirform is now available from our download area.

The main new feature of this release is the ability to import and export your certificates and reports. Please note that certificate import and export is available as a paid addition to the Lite Edition licence. You can add this “bolt on” to your Lite Licence using our website store.

Ring Circuit Intelligence

To tell Pirform that a circuit is a ring final circuit, just enter the word ring into the Circuit Description field.

Pirform looks at 5 separate aspects to determine whether the over current protective device you have selected is appropriate to the cable size in use. These are:

  • Wiring type
  • Reference method of installation
  • Cable size
  • Protective device rating
  • Whether the circuit is a ring final circuit (Pirform assumes all circuits are radials until you tell it otherwise).

Pirform Release 2011.1

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Pirform Lite is now available from our download area. This version has been a long time coming, but it’s certainly worth the wait. here are a lot of improvements and new features along with fixes to a number of issues in the previous version. I recommend you all update to the new version as soon as possible. The big improvements in this release are:

  • Three Phase Circuit Handling
  • Google-Style Find Facility
  • More Performance Improvements
  • Drop-down List Manager
  • Integrated Data Backup

Read on for more details of these and other improvements in this new version.