BS 7671 18th Edition and BS 5389-1:2017 Pre-release Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of a pre-release version of the new electrical and fire alarm forms.

This release contains the Electrical Installation Certificate, Electrical Installation Condition Report and the Minor Works Certificate for the 18th edition version of BS 7671 as well as updates for our fire alarm forms to BS 5389-1:2017.

We are in the final stages of work and expect to release this fully in October. In the meantime, we are making a pre-release version available so that you can take a look at the changes before the final release.

As this is a pre-release version, please read the following caveats to make sure it fits your scenario:

  • Pre-release versions are still being tested and you may find some things don't work as expected.
  • Pirform will not import certificates that were exported by a later version. So, if you export from the pre-release version you will need to use the pre-release version (or later) to import those.

That said, the 2015 electrical and 2013 fire alarm forms are unchanged and you can continue to use those as before. You can also install this version on a machine without a licence and use it in trial mode. The installer is available here:

Please also note that this version will not run on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Vista. This is because these operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Along with the new forms, the following changes are included in this version:

New: now calculates max Zs values when creating a new cert from an older one.

Change: added text "BS (EN)" to MW protected device for the modified circuit.

Change: can now enter own values for circuit conductor live.

Change: Pirform will now report any errors during the auto-save in the certificate and will not close the program.

Change: certificate repair now repairs EICs with incorrect schedule items.

Fix: corrective action now included when exporting devaitions for emergency lighting certificates.

Fix: this version hopes to address the spurious out of memory errors that some users have experienced.

Fix: schedule item control now shows the first item in the list when first opened.

Fix: changing inspection engineer in EIC after setting construction engineer would make unwanted change to the construction engineer.

Fix: engineer control display text was cleared after mouse hover.

Fix: scroll bars were not showing automatically for short screens on circuit and test page.