Pirform 2020.5.1436 - Maintenance Release

This is a small maintenance release to address some issues since the previous release. There are also a few small improvements, as below. Download the latest »


Pirform 2020.4.1416 - Improved Installer and Cloud Preparation

Improvements to the Pirform installer and preparation for Shine Cloud. »


Introducing Assisted Restore

As we reported last week, some users are reporting that Pirform isn't starting after the latest Windows 10 update has been applied. If you revert the »

Service Announcement - Windows 10 Update Issue

Some users are reporting that Pirform isn't able to start after the latest Windows 10 update. Just take a backup of your certificates before you run »

Pirform 2020.3.1390 - Folder Import

This release add some small new features and contains some fixes for issues in previous versions. The highlights of this release are: Shine Forms YouTube channel. »